Restoration/ Overhauling

KRIST provides restoration services for Krist Air Horns / Elec. Horns / Fog Horns and other marine equipment (possibility depends case to case) which have been in service for several years. In many cases our air horns will function for several years without overhaul of any kind, however, surface finishes do not last as long. In the case of painted horns & marine equipment in general, a high quality painting through 7 tank process that is cared for on a regular basis will start showing signs of aging after 6 to 12 years time. At this point, if erosion of the painted surface is significant, the only thing that will return the surface to “as new” condition is to have the old finish replaced with new painting.

KRIST generally uses LM-6 grade aluminium for its Horns & High Quality SS / Brass or a special chrome plating process that is best in terms of resistance to corrosion in a marine environment than any normally used material.

KRIST Galley / Laundry / Pantry Equipment are generally made from SS 304 / 316 and there outer body is not much affected. However, their electrical items can be re-inspected & restored as desired.

KRIST Material Handling Equipment generally last for years if proper care is taken of their greasing / oiling. In case of they wear out due to excessive use, the same can be restored by changing few of the key parts & re-tested.