Marine Division

Modular Galley

Design & set up of the galley on warships & passenger ships keeping in view the space availability.

Galley Equipment

We manufacture whole range of the ship's galley / canteen & pantry equipment as per marine standards.

Laundry Equipment

We manufacture whole range of the ship's laundry equipment as per marine standards.

Garbage Disposal Units

Krist GDUs are of heavy duty yet lighter in weight & can dispose food waste / garbage (bio degradable) generated in Ship's galley / Hotel kitchens / Canteen Kitchen. Model can be selected keeping in view the number of the crew members / passengers / people consuming food on daily basis.

Anti - Pollution Spray System

Anti - pollution Spray system is an unique & most effective system to clean oil spills at sea than the conventional methods using oil booms, Sorbents or by burning in-situ.

Diving/ Camping Equipment

We supply all types of diving / fishing / camping & water sport equipment used on small boats as well as bigger vessels.

Night Vision Cameras/ Binoculars

We supply all kinds of Night Vision Cameras / Binoculars which can be used underwater by divers for search operations.