Electrical Division

Air Whistles

Krist air whistles / horns are manufactured as per latest IMO regulations & are working successfully on Indian Warships / Coast Guard Ships since last more than 20 years.

Electronic Horns

Krist manufactures Electronic horns/ sirens with various functions as required.

Fog Horns

KRIST Fog Horns are manually operated and are portable type. These can be used in smaller /bigger vessels in case of electricity failure.

Masthead Lamps

Krist Mast Head Lamps are manufactured in AC / DC , single decker / double decker types suitable for all type of ships.

Morse / Maneuvering / Fog Lamp

Krist Fog Signal Lamps work along with the Air Whistle / Horn as per IMO Regulations and prevents collisions of Ships in Foggy conditions.

Signal Automation Units

Krist Automation Units are manufactured as per IMO regulations & control various functions of signaling. They are available in AC as well as AC/DC as per the power availability of the vessel.

Signal Keys

Krist Signal keys are push button switches having IP-65 protection & can be console / bulkhead mounted at any remote place on the ship to operate the Whistle / Horn.

Ship Bells

Krist Ship Bells are available in a number of customized options in steel and brass.